Tandem Fun Jump $199.00*
(Group discounts: $5 per person for groups of five or more, $10 each for groups of ten or more, $15 each for groups of 15 or more or 1 free video for group organizer. Also for groups of 20 0r larger, $20.00 off per person or 1 free video for the group organizer)

All tandem skydives include a preflight briefing, all equipment, your personal instructor, a one way plane ride, and your SKYDIVE!

Gift Certificates (click for more info)
The perfect, unforgettable gift! Surprise that special person with something they will never forget, a gift certificate for their first skydive! Our gift certificates are fully refundable.

AFF (click for more info)
The program to become a certified solo skydiver. You must be 18 years of age and weigh around 250 pounds or less.

Level 1...$319.00* (Includes all day ground school, a Skydivers Information Manual, set of skydiving goggles, and skydive).
Levels 2-3...$209.00*ea
Levels 4-7...$189.00*ea
All levels include instructors for ground and aerial training, all equipment rental, a one way plane ride and YOUR SKYDIVE!

Tandem & AFF Video
Why should I get video of my Tandem or AFF jumps?
You never jump out of a plane for the first time ever again! Nothing helps you re-live your skydive than seeing yourself on video which can be shown to all of your friends and family over and over again! You can also have your video edited to music and burned onto a DVD and get a complimentary disc of still photos! If you are doing AFF, nothing helps you learn faster that watching your skydive on video. Our price 99.00 (all prices reflect cash discount).

Jump ticket prices for licensed skydivers*
Twin Otter and King Air (12500' AGL) $25.00*
Twin Otter and King Air (8000' AGL) $21.00*
Cessna 206 (10500' AGL) $23.00*
Hop'n Pop (5000' AGL) $18.00*

*Prices subject to change without notice. ALL prices reflect cash discount.

Quite simply, we ARE the Best in Colorado! (The ONLY real choice for skydiving in Colorado... )